Trialer Lasting Memory of Tintagel Winds (09.12.1995)

(Multi-Ch. Trialer Foulby Tittle Tattle x Darling Memory of Tintagel Winds)
Hips A/A - BVA 3/2 - current eye certificate
N 2 female in France in 1998
RCAC in Apples 1999
Best Gun Dog in Apples 1999

Best Labrador Brace in Dampierre 1999 (with Trialer Marywell of TW)
Pekka has just had a litter... by Charlie

Pekka puppy1.JPG (14899 octets)

Pekka aged 8 weeks

Pekka puppy2.JPG (18199 octets)

Pekka aged 3 months... after a few hours in the snow !!!