Multi-Dual Ch. Carromer's Charlie Chalk (16.11.1991)

(Rocheby Royal Oak x Carromer Glamour Girl)
Hips A/A - BVA 4/3 - Current eye certificate
Top Labrador in France 1993-1999
N 2 Dog in Switzerland 1998 & 1999
Best Labrador Couple in Dampierre 1999 (with Annie)

Charlie is a stud ELITE A

(He is the first of the only two in France...Jake is the second)
(Well done boys !!!!)

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Field Trials are such fun I decided to become a Fied Trial Champion... Charlie

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Photographed recently at a Paris Restaurant : a well-known labrador personality
accompanied by his girl-friend

Just Orphan Annie of TW - Carromer's Charlie Chalk - Jungle Fever of TW
(Both are Charlie daughters)

Charlie... need any more be said !

Flora Leith-Ross Juge enjoying sharing her playground with Charlie

When love is tenderness...

Charlie and Laure giving each other a big cuddle !...